Criteria for Nominations

The Birds of a Feather Awards are open to everyone and unlike many other awards we encourage people to nominate exceptional bookstores, art galleries, people who offer support and encouragement for others and accept a wide range in creativity in nominations.

There is no fee to nominate someone for an award. You can choose to nominate yourself or someone who has impressed you for as many or as few categories as you feel you or they qualify for. You may nominate no more than five people or works for consideration in a year although you may enter each piece for multiple categories. Each category requires a new essay explaining why you have chosen it for your nomination material.

The most critical part of the nomination is the thousand word essay. In no less than a thousand words and no more than 3000 words you must outline why the person or work in question is worthy of consideration. It is based off of these essays that the committee will examine the rest of the guidelines. The essay must explain what makes this person or work both exceptional and of a quality worthy of a BOAF Award.

Please include as much information as possible about the work/person.We want to know why they are exceptional, what their impact on the world and the internet has been. If you are nominating a person a photo of them is required. If you are nominating a work a complete electronic version must be included. We are no longer accepting mail-in submissions.

We accept submissions from anywhere on the planet but all nominations must be in English and we must be provided with an English version of the work. All communications will be in English.

All submissions should be sent in one email with all the pertinent information attached. Send submissions to

After someone is officially accepted onto the nominations list they will be notified and we may at that time require more information. All official nominees will be announced on this website and receive a BOAF pin to commemorate coming this far.

Each year there is a winner for each category as well as a runner up who receives a smaller trophy.

Special Trophies:

The Special Trophies are for truly unique and heroic acts in the literary or arts field. These trophies will not be awarded every year but only when the committee feels that someone has done something truly exceptional or simply is a truly exceptional person. If you think you know someone who fits this description the same criteria applies. Starting with an essay we will investigate the person from how the essay speaks to us.

extra feather

Committee Special Achievement Award


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